What is AtlasPROfilax?
AtlasPROfilax ® is a revolutionary treatment developed by Swiss born Rene-Claudius Schumpleri that releases existing muscular and fascial tensions in the upper neck and occipital areas. Mr. Schumpleri luxated his first cervical vertebrae when he was very young . His physical and emotional health suffered and he was ill for what seemed to be an endless period of time with very little relief. Then during military basic training he fell and fractured his first cervical vertebrae. All of the symptoms from childhood reappeared. This put him on the path to find relief from his pain and discomfort. AtlasPROfilax ® is the result of Mr. Schumpleri’s efforts.
The treatment works using sound and vibration to assist the body in creating balance between the head and spine. This is done without twisting, cracking, thrusting, forcing, pulling or manipulating any bony structures. This allows the body to softly and naturally relax into its anatomically correct position. Once the soft tissue is released and the upper neck reaches its natural balance (on its own), the body now has a much stronger ability to stay in balance.

A wrenched neck inevitably leads to restriction, disturbed blood flow and reduced information flow. This imbalance leads to imbalances in the whole body. The body must compensate for the imbalance of the upper neck and head with a rotation that goes all the way down to the toes. Since our body is connected to the energetic pathways of our internal organs and emotional patterns, such a twist of the inner axis will also unbalance those same organs and emotional patterns. However, when the head and upper neck are balancAtlasPROfilaxed, the body can obtain a new dimension of health.

Physical benefits:
• Increase in circulation
• Increase in cerebral spinal fluid flow
• Decrease in nervous system irritation
• Balancing out of leg length discrepancy
• Decrease in muscular back tension
• Decrease in hip issues
• Increase in lateral rotation of the head

Emotional / energetic /spiritual
benefits that have been reported:

• Emotional peace
• Clearing past memories and upsets that are still in the body
• Feeling as though you are aligned with your soul’s purpose
• Greater connection with the Divine and faith
• “Life just feels easier” - Sylvia Nibley

Bio: Troy Roper III

Troy L Roper III received his diploma and certification from the AtlasPROfilax ® Academy of Switzerland in May 2007. Since then Troy has been working in his home state of Utah as well as traveling throughout North America working on clients of all ages and Troy-Roper-AtlasProilaxhealth ranges; infants to the elderly and disabled to athletes. Troy started his healing path as an artist. He received a bachelor’s degree from Weber State University in art and photography. After several years of working in the advertising industry, Troy felt like there was something more to life. He began his new career path at the Utah College of Massage Therapy (UCMT). After his graduation in 1997, he continued his education at UCMT in the extended program. Once completing the extended program, he was then invited to assist in developing the Structural Integration program (Dr Ida Rolf’s work). He taught and assisted with other courses at UCMT as well. During his time instructing at UCMT, he maintained a successful private practice. Troy also has training in cranial sacral work from the Milne Institute as well as the Upledger Institute and training in the modality of Jin Shin Jyutsu. In 2001 he closed his private practice due to a major injury. In 2006 Troy received an AtlasPROfilax ® treatment and knew he had found a new direction for his healing work. He immediately began the process to be certified in this new work.

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Cost: $350 this includes the initial treatment and the follow-up session
If for any reason you need to be re-treated, it is at no additional cost.
The initial treatment lasts 45 – 60 minutes.

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